regular watering

Your baskets, tubs, troughs and planted borders need regular watering especially in on hot, sunny & windy days. In the summer heat, you’ll probably have to water morning & evening. The soil should be moist to touch, but not drenched; be careful not to over-water as you’ll wash out all the nutrients. Water directly into the soil, to avoid damaging the flower heads. Also, items near roofs or walls can often we sheltered from the elements, so don’t assume that if it’s rained that you won’t need to water. Also, make sure you have a reliable neighbour for when you’re away!


Our compost is specially mixed to our exact recipe. This includes a healthy serving of slow-release feed. However, you will still need to feed your plants regularly to get the very best display. We recommend any balanced general-purpose plant or tomato feed.

It’s best to follow the instructions on the packet for mixing the feed. We’d recommend feeding your plants every week if you can, as this will mean the very best display of colour in your garden.




The best way of making sure you get continual flowering is to remove the old flower heads once they’ve finished flowering. This process is called “deadheading”. By deadheading your plants at least once a week, you’ll encourage new colour growth continually.

The best way to remove the old flower heads is at the point where they join a larger stem of the plant, either by snapping them off or using a pair of scissors if you prefer.