Environmentally Friendly


It’s important that we all do our bit for the environment. We have plans in the next few years to switch to electric-powered delivery vehicles. In the meantime, we have one eye firmly on reducing waste and promoting recycling. Ensuring we re-use hanging baskets, grow in pot-free trays and using peat-reduced compost are just three ways.


recycling old baskets

We don’t throw away hanging baskets - we re-use them! Many of our customers have two sets of baskets, which they rotate for summer & winter, reducing wastage still further.


pot-free growing

We know grow the majority of our plants in a pot-free process. This has massively reduced our plastic waste as a business. The trays we now use are recycled for a minimum of eight seasons too!

peat-reduced compost

Our premium compost is mixed to our own specification. Our supplier has vastly reduced the levels of peat in their mix, by using peat alternatives derived from timber to help hold minerals & vitamins in.